How To Block Someone From Your Facebook Page and Delete Their Comments

How To Block Someone From Your Facebook Page and Delete Their Comments

How To Block Someone From Your Facebook Page and Delete Their Comments

Did you know that you can block someone from your Facebook page and delete comments you don’t like?

For the life of me, I canNOT understand why people are intentionally mean. Is it that their lives are so incredibly miserable they want to make everybody else’s lives as miserable as theirs? The misery loves company theory?

Do they resent everyone else’s success or happiness because both of those things are lacking from their own lives?

What Do These Comments Look Like?

You’ve probably seen or have personally experienced these trolls, right? Say, for instance that someone posted a video on their Facebook page that you loved watching, or they wrote a status update on their Facebook page that you were interested in. It made you feel good, or made you laugh, or made you think.

Since you enjoyed it, you were curious if others enjoyed it as much as you did. So you start reading the comments. You laugh as people share their similar stories. You consider the suggestions they contribute. Like you, others are reminded of their own experiences as they read the subject matter. And then….BOOM, you come across some hateful or smart-ass comment that has little to do with the content. Often it’s a personal attack, on the person who wrote the post on their own Facebook page.

Here’s the deal. As I mentioned above, they’re writing on someone’s personal Facebook page. We get to choose what goes on that page and who gets to read it. Just because some random person gets a hair up their ass and decides to junk up your wall with their smack doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it.

Who Are These People and Why Do They Do It?

Bullies love to comment for the sole purpose of starting a fight…stirring the pot. We dealt with this type in grade school. Remember? The kid that was a tough guy, or the girl who was a bitch, but only when their group of loser friends were there to back them up?

They make a rude comment, then sit back and watch the shit show that ensues. Unfortunately these child bullies have grown into adult bullies. Sad that they feel so inadequate in life.

These people may have been the ones being bullied as kids, and now they’ve grown into ignorant assholes with a chip on their shoulders the size of New York. They hide behind their computers with a shit-ton of resentment waiting for their opportunity to pounce.

They may read the first line (if that), of your post, misinterpret it (or just not understand it), read none of the comments, and then jump right in  blindly telling you why they didn’t like what you wrote…but you don’t remember ever asking them.

Because they hate you and everyone else who isn’t like them, they need to knock you down to make themselves feel better. They’re negative, have few friends, probably aren’t successful, so by god they don’t want you to be either.

These are the worst ones. They can intelligently strip you down to nothing. Once they’ve finished puking all over what you wrote, they’ll usually move on to their opinion of you…your appearance, your interests, your friends, and whatever else pissed them off when they landed on your page. They love seeing their name in print.

So What Do You Do If This Happens To You?

Block Someone From Facebook & Delete Comments | Women Over Fifty Network


Don’t respond. Don’t challenge them, don’t try to scold them, or reason with them. You will only fuel their fire and end up getting your own panties in a twist. You delete them. You delete their comments, then you block them. This happened to me on my blog.  I tried taking the high road and left their comment there because of that whole freedom of speech thing, but then I asked myself why? If they were friends of mine, maybe I’d allow their opinion if it were valid. But trash talk for self-serving purposes? Nope. Not on my page. DELETE. DELETE. DELETE. BLOCK.

How Do You Delete a Comment on Your Facebook Page?


See the three dots beside the comment? (circled in red).  Click it. It will open a box with the options to Edit the comment or Delete it.

Click Delete. Easy as that.



Tap the comment. It will give you the options to Edit, Copy or Delete. 

Click Delete



Long-press the comment. 

Click Delete.

How Do You Block Someone?

1. Click on the person’s name who made the comment. It will take you to their profile page.

2. Click on the three dots on their cover photo (to the right of the message button). It will give you a drop down menu with several options. The last option is Block.

3. Select Block.


1. When you block a person, they do not receive a notification that you’ve blocked them. The only way for them to know, is if they go to your friends list and don’t see themselves on it.
2. If you block a friend and then decide you want to unblock them, you’ll need to send them a new friend request.
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How To Edit or Delete Something You Wrote On Facebook

How To Edit or Delete Something You Wrote On Facebook

How To Edit or Delete Something You Wrote On Facebook

Ooops! Need to Edit or Delete?

We’ve all had those moments when we write something on Facebook, hit enter, and feel the icewater run through our veins when we realize we shouldn’t have said what we did. Or we were scrolling through Facebook while in line at the grocery store and wrote a cutesy reply on the wrong person’s wall. Or we grossly misspelled a word that makes us look like an idiot.

Have you ever had someone’s comment strike you wrong and quickly wrote a snarky response? Then, after looking again realized you had misinterpreted their meaning? But there’s your pissy comment hanging out for all to see.

It used to be you had a very short window of time to edit your Facebook comment or status. I am forever indebted to the Facebook gods for changing that little feature. They now allow us to go back at any time to edit things we’ve written.

Note to New Facebook Users:

Your Facebook ‘Status‘ is a message you write on your own Timeline telling people what you want to say. It’s also called a ‘status update’, or a ‘post’. You write your status update in the box that asks you “What’s on your mind?”. If you were to tell someone you did this, you’d probably use the term “I posted on Facebook”.

Screenshot of Facebook Timeline









How To Edit Your Status

Step 1.

See those three dots on the top right of the box you just posted in? Click on the three dots and you’ll get a dropdown of options. (You just heard angels sing didn’t you?)

Step 2.

Click on Edit Post.

Click on the Edit Post option-how to edit your status on Facebook







Step 3.

Your post will come up in an edit box. Change what you want to change, or type something completely new. When you’re finished, click Done Editing.

The Editing Box Appears

How easy is that?

How To Edit Your Comment After a Post

You do the exact same thing as you did to edit your status.

  • Step 1. Hover over the dots.
  • Step 2. Click Edit.
  • Step 3. Make changes to your comment, then press the Enter key when you’re finished. Once you’ve opened your comment to edit, if you decide you don’t need to after all, just click Esc or cancel (you’ll see these options in small letters in the edit box.

How To Delete Your Post or Comment

You might have noticed above when you clicked the three magic dots to get the edit button, that it also gives you the option to delete. Follow the same steps to delete a post or comment as you used to edit your post or comment.

As We Wrap Up, Let Me Share a Couple Thoughts

This Facebook stuff doesn’t need to be intimidating. Don’t be afraid to click around to find what you need. You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll learn the ins and outs of Facebook if you just explore a bit. If you happen to screw somethig up, dont treak. There’s not much you can’t undo.

Now that you know how to edit and delete, I don’t want to see any more Facebook comments full of typos followed by another comment underneath it correcting yourself. No need. Now you can just correct the origiinal, OK? OK!

Until next time, peace out!

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How to Edit or Delete on Facebook | Women Over Fifty Network
How To “Share” Posts, Pictures and Videos on Facebook – From Your iPhone.

How To “Share” Posts, Pictures and Videos on Facebook – From Your iPhone.

How To “Share” Posts, Pictures and Videos on Facebook – From Your iPhone.

I know I say this each time I write a Facebook how-to, but it’s worth repeating.  I realize that all of you are at different stages in your Facebook know-how. I don’t ever want it to seem that I’m talking down to those of you who are seasoned Facebookers, but at the same time I want to make sure I cover the basics for those of you who are just getting started.

In the Facebook Survey that was sent out a few months ago, there were many of you who were having trouble navigating Facebook on your phones, and several of you who were just “spectators” because you weren’t confident enough to update your statuses or share photos and participate.

For those of you who have been sitting on the fence watching everyone else play on Facebook, this post is for you! So, roll up your sleeves little missies, and let’s do this, okay?


If you should have some questions after reading this, just post them in the comment section below and I promise I’ll respond to you.

My goal is for everyone who wants to be active on Facebook to be active on Facebook! If there is a particular feature of Facebook that you’re having problems with and want to learn, please suggest it in the comments below and I’ll include it in the series.

For all my friends who have told me that they don’t know how to share things on Facebook I’d better be seeing you sharing pictures and posts like crazy now. No excuses anymore, okay?

And here’s something to remember as you’re learning to navigate Facebook that will boost your confidence even more. Remember this: Anything you’ve done can always be undone. If you post something you didn’t mean to, you can delete it. If you’ve said something stupid or misspelled something, you can go back and edit it. If you’ve tagged somebody that didn’t want to be tagged, you can untag them.

Until next time, peace out.

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How to Copy and Paste on Facebook From Your iPhone or iPad

How to Copy and Paste on Facebook From Your iPhone or iPad

A few months ago I sent out a survey asking women over fifty what social media platform they used most frequently and to tell me the one thing they would most like to learn how to do.

The results showed that the platform they used the most was hands down Facebook. Statistics show that not only is Facebook the preferred social media site of women, but is preferred by all baby boomers across the board.

The survey results also showed that the one thing they most wanted instruction on was an overwhelming ‘How to copy and paste from my phone.’

This post is in response to that request, and prompted me to begin a new series called Facebook for Boomers. This is the first in that series. I will be answering all the requests I received from those surveyed first. If you have a Facebook frustration and don’t see your topic addressed, send your request to me HERE, and I’ll include your topic in the coming weeks.

Now, get out your iPhone or iPad and let’s get busy shall we? You are going to be so proud of yourself!

Copy and Paste Text From Within Facebook

How to Copy and Paste on Facebook Slide 1
How to Copy and Paste on Facebook Slide 1
Copied and Pasted Text

Copy and Paste an Image From Within Facebook

How many of you have seen those posts on Facebook asking you to ‘copy and paste’ a syrupy poem professing your eternal love for someone in your life? The post is usually bedazzled with sparkly things, butterflies and multiple hearts. Annoying, right?

They remind me of those good old-fashioned chain letters when we were kids – remember them? Your instructions were something like: “Send the last person on the list your first born, re-write this letter, add your name to the top, remove the name from the bottom, send this letter to 100 of your friends and in 10 days something amazing will happen to you.”

Yikes. Writer’s cramp was the only amazing thing that happened to me after writing those letters. Good Lord!  I haven’t thought about chain letters in ages! Did any of you guys do them?

Sorry ’bout that little detour down memory lane. Let me get back on track…

Point is, a lot of the time when you’re asked to copy and paste something on Facebook, it’s something that most of us would typically just scroll on past.  But there are other occasions when copying and pasting can come in really handy and can save you a ton of time.

So let’s get after this and learn how. Ready?

Copy image to Facebook from phone
Copied and Pasted Text
Copied and Pasted Text

Now see – it’s easy peasy isn’t it?, and there’s a big advantage to learning it. Not only can you copy and paste to and from you and your friends Facebook pages, Facebook messenger and Facebook business pages, but you can also get all fancy by copying from an outside source to Facebook and visa versa.

So let’s see how that works…

Copy and Paste Text From Outside Sources To Facebook

In the following example, I’ve gone into a horoscope app on my phone and copied part of my horoscope to a new post on my Facebook page.

Copy and Paste from an outside source to Facebook
Copied and Pasted Text

And finally, my personal favorite thing to copy to Facebook and what I tend to do the most…Links.

Is there a website you’ve found and want to share? Did you run across a great recipe online that you’d like to share the link to ? How about a great sale you just found out about? A blog post you read and loved?

Copying a link to Facebook is probably the easiest thing to copy and paste. Let’s do it!

Copy and Paste a Website Link From an Outside Source To Facebook

Copy and paste link from an outside source to Facebook
Pasting a link from an outside source to Facebook
Pasted link from outside source to Facebook

If you have any questions on this post, please leave your comment below. If something you don’t know how to do on Facebook is making you crazy, I’d love to hear about it. Chances are there’s someone else struggling with the same thing and it would be a great topic to include in the Facebook for Boomers series.

You can send me your request HERE.

Talk to you soon!

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How to Copy & Paste on Facebook | Women Over Fifty Network

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