10 White Elephant Gifts That Everybody Will Be Fighting Over!

by | Dec 6, 2023 | CELEBRATIONS, Christmas


Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re competitive like me, you want to have the White Elephant gift everyone fights over. Here is a list of some go-to gifts your holiday-loving friends are sure to covet! 

#1. Mini Retro Speaker










Let the good times roll!

These were the days when all the cool stories were created and where all those “remember when” conversations lead back to.

This retro speaker is a great memory for those of us from the 50’s and 60’s, but it’s also a great gift for any age. 

#2. Golden Girls Mad Libs







Revisit Rose, Dorothy & Blanche…

No matter what words go into this Mad Lib, it will likely sound correct.

Between Blanche’s innuendos and Rose’s flighty responses, this will definitely bring the laughs.


#3. Desktop Inflatable Tube Guy






Don’t Try To Mimic This Gumby-ish Guy

A long time ago, I was driving by a car lot and threw my back out trying to emulate this creepy tube guy. It’s all fun and games when he’s just sitting on your desk.

It’s a whole different ballgame, and not a bit pretty, when you think it might be fun to slip into full character and see if you can mimic the fun-loving tube guy to entertain your kids. Seriously, this is one of those rare situations where you want to sit back, practice good posture, and let the other guy do the work. 


#4. Shower/Bath Beer/Wine Holder

Bath/shower beer holder










Joke or not…

…who doesn’t love a shower beer or a glass of wine in the bath? Here I am over here waving my hand. “Pick me! I’m in! 

I can picture it…you drag your beach chair into the shower, put on your sunhat with the big floppy brim? Order in some poppers? Yesssssss!



#5. Porta Potty Shot Glasses

shot glasses that look like outhouses







While we’re on the subject of libations…

Of course we have to bring the bathroom humor to the holiday season.

It’s a gift not many will buy on their own, but they’ll definitely wrestle another white elephant gifter to showcase their new porta-shots!



#6. Tabletop Smores Maker



Oh my watering mouth…

White elephant gifts can also be something you’ve always wanted.

Grab two. While your friend enjoys their gift, you can be home browning your own ‘mallows with the fam and celebrating an indoor s’mores night no matter the season! 

#7. Dr. Proctor Prank Gift Box “Recto-Kleen 2000”

Recto Kleen 2000 Prank Gift Box



“Oh how clever. Uh, seriously, what a unique gift!?”

Watch them squirm while they try to convince you that what they think is in the box, although unconventional, is actually  a really great idea.

We’ve used these type of fake boxes for years. No matter how ridiculous the image is on the outside, it always brings laughter! Click the button below to see all 14 “product” choices!

#8. Emergency Underpants

emergency underpants in a can






Nothing more to say here…


We all have a story. (And you can be sure that once this gift is opened, you’ll spend a good chunk of time hearing them all!)


#9. Vegetable Chopper







This kitchen tool is a total life saver!

Sure, this gift doesn’t bring laughs to the party, but it also doesn’t bring tears – after chopping onions.

This gift is a must have. Trust me.

#10. Circular Saw Pizza Slicer

A pizza cutter that looks like a circular saw





Ultimate Gift for ‘Tim the Tool Guy’ kinda guy… 


My husband would absolutely steal this from another white elephant gifter.

Here’s to bringing the construction tools into the kitchen!  



These ideas should give you a good start…

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