Great Last Minute Gifts Under $40 For People On Your List Who Are Impossible To Shop For

by | Dec 21, 2023 | CELEBRATIONS, Christmas


Christmas is almost here, ladies! If you’re like me, and probably half the rest of the world, you’ve still got someone hangin’ out on your list that you just can NOT find the right gift for.

I’ve created this list, that if you hurry and order, you may still receive the gift from Amazon. They’ve been pretty spot on this year. Once you get the item in your cart, be sure to make note of the predictated date of delivery. (If it will arrive too late, try to find the gift locally). If you still strike out, hopefully these gift ideas will at least get your mind working to find something similar.

Okay, we’re on the homestretch. Hang in there, and let’s get shopping!

#1. Accupressure Mat and Pillow










ProsourceFit Accupressure Mat & Pillow Set –         for back/neck pain relief and muscle relaxation.

As scary as this might look, it’s life changing!

Stimulate pressure points and increase circulation. A healthy body is a happy body. You’ll be shocked by how effective this simple duo is!


#2. Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers






Cushy Foam Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers – standard orthopedic wedge leg pillow for sleeping and to help hip & lower back pain.

Every time I recommend this pillow, people think I’m nuts. It looks like it might be uncomfortable, or like it would take forever to get used to it. I’m here to tell you – every person who has tried it not only got one for themselves, but they got one for their partner. It’s a must try. (Feel free to mention that to your gift recipient).


#3. Mini Bag Sealer






2-Pack Mini Bag Sealer – 2-in-1 heat sealer and cutter – mini food sealer for plastic bags

Just like socks, chip clips seem to just…  disappear! These mini bag sealers keep chips, or really, anything inside a bag nice & fresh. Run the heat end of the sealer along the top of your opened bag and it closes it right on up for you!

Come to think of it, this would be ideal for our little ones and their car snacks!



#4. Bed Tray Table







Greenco Bed Tray Table with Foldable Legsbreakfast tray with handles for eating, working, or relaxing.

In my dreams, we use this for breakfast in bed or some tea to start the day. In reality, this tray is an excellent holder of that Door Dash order you just received that you plan to eat while watching your favorite show.





#5. Color Changing Nail Polish








ILNP Cosmetics, Inc. Color: – this polish will shuffle through an array of colors.

Color Shown in Image: “Cygnus Loop” -(Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Red ,Green)

You have to see it to believe it!


#6. Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer





Electric Coffee Warmer with Auto Shutoff – 3 temperature settings.

I love this beverage warmer. The base is heavy, and ridged so it stays in place on your surface. I got the black one, and love it!


#7. Classy Wine Glasses



Elegant, Large (14oz) crystal wine glasses. – Lower price is a Limited Time Deal – Hurry!  

Set of 2, wide rims, modern stems. Gifts for others can also be something you’ve always wanted. Grab two!


#8. Fireplace Wax Warmer



Freestanding Electric Fireplace Wax Warmer – 3.9″ Deep x 6.7″ Wide x 4.4″ High

Is this the cutest, or what? I’ve got wax burners all over my house, and just as many wax cubes, all different scents. Okay, maybe juuuuust a little obsessed. 

But this one…a classic. to be able to watch the logs glow while you smell the woodsy wax melting above… (don’t forget your wax cubes (below)!


#9. Calming Wax Melts





Christms Wax Melt variety Pack – 3 highly scented wax bars

Love, love, love these. You’ll love them too as the scent quickly gets you in the holiday mood as soon as the wax starts to melt.

Nothing gets me in the Christmas mood faster than candles and wax burners!



#10. Trigger Point Massager





LiBa Self Massage Hook: My most recommened product – for neck, shoulder, back

I discovered this little gem years ago when I was sitting for hours doing medical transcription. Nothing loosened up my back until I spent a little time with this product.

It’s served me well over the years. I still have my original. I highly recommend it for muscle spams or knots anywhere you can’t reach. Seriously! I was alone a lot years ago, and I loved that when my back hurt, with the help of this tool, I could take care of it myself.

This gift will be so appreciated by anyone with skeletal or muscular back pain.



If we don’t communicate until after the holidays, I wish you all

a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

Be safe. Be kind. I love you all!


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