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Hey All,

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Rich Halten, producer at Don’t Act Your Age. He and his business partner Stephen Johnston seek out people over 50 (that’s us!) who have stories to tell. They then interview and produce these amazing podcasts.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed after listening to Crash Landing: A Love Story. I look forward to seeing what else they’ll share with us!

How far would you go to keep a romance alive?

Sally, a sixty-something woman, went coast-to-coast, flying thousands of miles with Bob, her pilot boyfriend. She learned to love it, and even learned to fly the plane herself.

Even though their relationship had its rough spots, she was determined to not let go of this love of her life. That is, until a crisis at 8,000 feet began a descent that sent their boomer-age relationship into a tail spin.


by Don't Act Your Age Podcasts


Sally’s story is narrated and produced by Don’t Act Your Age,” a podcast about folks over 50 who have earned every one of their gray hairs. You can hear more episodes by subscribing to Don’t Act Your Age on iTunes HERE.

Crash Landing | A Love Story | Women Over Fifty Network
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