Remember Pen Pals? We’re Bringing Snail Mail Back. Calling All Women Over Fifty!

Remember Pen Pals? We’re Bringing Snail Mail Back. Calling All Women Over Fifty!

Remember Pen Pals? We’re Bringing Snail Mail Back. Calling All Women Over Fifty!

It’s not often that I’m excited to open my mail box, but for a few days around Mother’s Day this year, nestled among all the junk mail, were these brightly colored hand-written envelopes. When I saw them, it struck me how seldom I actually get mail that is hand-written and personal.

Mail has become so impersonal over the years…bills, junk mail, the neighbor’s mail, blah…blah…blah… that going to my mailbox has just become a necessary item on my to-do list each day. But that week, as silly as it sounds, I was actually excited to get my mail in anticipation of what I’d find…who I’d hear from.

Remember Pen Pals?

It reminded me of a loooooong time ago when I’d had pen pals. Did you ever have one? I had a couple and absolutely loved getting letters from them. We kept in touch for several years. 

It made me wonder if people even did that anymore, or if it was another one of those “back in the day” things that had fallen by the wayside. So I did a little research. Snail mail pen pals are coming back in style again!

I found several Pen Pal Exchange sites online. Rows and rows of profile pictures were listed, most blurry or poor quality. They reminded me of dating sites. All ages, all genders. There didn’t seem to be any crowd control.

Call me old fashioned, but with the state of the world today and the importance of keeping our privacy protected, I’d hesitate to put my name out there with all the potential whack-a-do’s trolling the internet. I’m not saying there aren’t some out there that are totally legit, I’m sure there are, but my interest was in connecting with a woman that was near my own age. Someone I could develop a friendship with that could relate to my age and interests.

Then I had one of those “well DUH! moments.

My whole purpose in creating Women Over Fifty Network was to connect with women over fifty. I wanted to connect with them, and through that connection create ways for those women to connect with each other. I had noticed as I’d gotten older there weren’t as many opportunities to create friendships, yet I knew there were millions of us out there who were looking for those friendships…camaraderie, encouragement. Someone they could share their fears with, learn about new adventures from, laugh about aging with.

Facebook groups and forums can be a wonderful source for meeting friends, but it seems when you find a good one, everyone else realizes it’s a good one too, and you eventually end up getting lost in the masses.

Women Over Fifty Network’s tagline states we will “Inspire, Support and Celebrate each other. I attempt that through blog posts, our Facebook page and Facebook groups, our newsletters, but sometimes “connecting” can only really be accomplished on a personal one-on-one level. And sometimes that’s what women our age are craving.

Remember Pen Pals | Women Over Fifty Network


Let’s be pen-pals! I don’t mean let’s friend each other on Facebook. I’m not talking about sending each other emails that get lost in our junk folders. I’m not saying let’s add each other to our hundreds of other social media “followers”. I’m talkin’ let’s be good ol’ fashioned, one-on-one, hand-written, send by-snail mail Pen Pals. 

To keep out the riffraff (did you like that ancient term?), all of our Pen Pals will be:

  1. Women
  2. Over Fifty
  3. Subscribers of Women Over Fifty Network 

As long as we keep everybody contained within our little Women Over Fifty Network community we should be just fine.

This will be a great way for us to connect with each other and make friends with like-minded women, right?



1. Enter your first name and email in the form below. Click “Submit“.  Congrats. You’re now a new subscriber of Women Over Fifty Network.

2. Next you need to confirm your subscription. Go to your email inbox to find an email from me.

3. ClickConfirm My Subscription” (this lets me know that you are really you & meant to subscribe). 

4. You will then automatically be taken to the Pen Pal page to fill out your profile. I will mail your profile to your new pen pal, and I will mail your new pen pal’s profile to you.

It’s FREE. See you soon!

UPDATE 12/8/2018

Because of an overwhelming interest, new pen pal applications are not being accepted at the present time. I will post when enrollment is once again open.

Thank you so much for your interest!