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I created Women Over Fifty Network to ‘inspire’, ‘support’ and ‘celebrate’ women over fifty. Part of ‘supporting’ other women is to Connect with them.

Below are women over fifty who write about women over fifty.

  • Some offer wisdom and guidance on topics they’ve lived or are currently living through,
  • Others entertain us with their own (sometimes hilarious) stories of the challenges of aging.
  • Still others have found their life’s passion and just want to share their crafts, work, or hobbies with you.

Scroll through the snippets below, find one or several that interest you, and click on their blog’s title below the image. Support these ladies by reading one of their articles. Inspire them to continue writing for us by leaving a comment after you’ve read their article. Commenting on blog posts is one of the fastest ways to make a connection with the author, and also with other commentors. (As random as it may sound, lasting friendships began with just one little blog comment.)

Bloggers bare themselves every day, and I know from experience that it can be a lonely world unless we know someone is out there reading.


Join me in celebrating these hard-working Over-Fifty Women Bloggers.