7 Steps You Can Take So You Don’t Smell Like an Old Lady as You Age

7 Steps You Can Take So You Don’t Smell Like an Old Lady as You Age

7 Steps You Can Take So You Don’t Smell Like an Old Lady as You Age


Who wants to smell like an old lady? First of all, let me say that I mean no disrespect to older people. I am one. In fact, experts say the potential for acquiring the ‘old person smell’ (it’s actually a recognized term) begins as early as 40.

Oo-oo that SMELL. Can’t you Smell That Smell?

You know what I’m talking about, right?  The smell has been described as aged beer, greasy, cucumbers, old books, grassy, dull, or musty. It’s not like a gross, pinch your nose kind of smell, it just smells, well…old. It’s that indescribable smell you smell when you give Grandma a big hug. We call it “old people smell”, the Japanese have a word for it – “kareishuu” and have done extensive research on it.

What Causes It?

One cause, that is pretty much out of our control, is due to our aging skin. It’s a chemical thing. As we age, the oils and fatty acids that are excreted by our skin oxidizes more rapidly, and our older skin’s antioxidant defenses begin to deteriorate. When those excessive fatty acids mix with the air, it creates a substance called nonenal. Nonenal stinks.

Not having any knowledge of chemistry, my big question is…

Would taking antioxidants help slow down the production of nonenal?

If anyone has any insight on this, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

I Don’t Want To Smell. How Can I Fix It?

It is possible to somewhat decrease the amount of nonenal our body produces by trying to live a healthy lifestyle. You know, the norm…

  1. Getting enough sleep
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Healthy diet
  4. Not smoking
  5. Alcohol in moderation

It’s not only yourself but your surroundings that can contribute. Smells in your home can seep into your clothes and skin. Now those things we do have control over. Just being aware of them can be helpful to take steps to avoid them ourselves, or take action to resolve them if we’re caring for our aging parents or family members.


7 Ways To Get Rid of That ‘Old’ Smell

#1. Open Your Windows and Let Fresh Air In!

  • Older people are afraid that if they open windows they’ll forget to close them, making them vulnerable to intruders.
  • Older people don’t like drafts and seem to always be cold.
  1. PROBLEM: No fresh air can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold growth, which create smells.
  2. SOLUTION: Do a window and door check each night before going to bed. Wear a sweater and warm fuzzy slippers around the house if you’re chilly.

#2. Keep Your House Clean

  • Physical limitations may keep older people from thoroughly cleaning, or from cleaning at all. They may be embarrassed to admit to family, spouse or friends that they aren’t able to keep up with housekeeping.
  1. PROBLEM: Smells from spoiled food in kitchen. Dust throughout house. Mildew|mold & urine in bathrooms. Unchanged bedsheets full of dead skin, urine dribble, sweat.
  2. SOLUTION: If it’s not possible for the homeowner to clean, hire someone to come in once a week. If hiring someone isn’t an option, admit you’re not able and ask a family member to help. It’s important!

#3. Don’t Re-Wear Your Clothing

  • Older people aren’t as active and not as likely to break a sweat. Because of this, they feel that outfit they wore today is good for another couple days ‘because they didn’t get it dirty’.
  • They are very thrifty. Doing laundry less saves on soap.
  1. PROBLEM: A closet full of dirty clothes smells. Skin oils and leaked urine can permeate clothing. There are probably also shoes in that closet that need airing out. Stale pee and dirty, sweaty feet stink – yuck. Mothballs don’t fix the smell.
  2. SOLUTION:  Wear clothes for one day only. Air out or replace old shoes. Hang a cedar strip in closet to freshen it up.

#4. Brush & Floss Your Teeth, or Check Dentures Regularly

  • As we age, the mouth produces less saliva. Saliva cleans the mouth of food particles and bacteria. When your mouth gets dry, your breath gets bad. Older people tend to sleep with their mouths open, which also dries out the mouth.
  • Older adults brush their teeth less often and not as thoroughly. Saving on toothpaste? Dentures, common in older people, if not taken care of or don’t fit correctly, trap food particles and can cause infection.
  • Medical conditions such as acid reflux, common in older adults, brings bile and stomach acid into the esophagus creating a sour taste in the mouth.
  1. PROBLEM: BAD BREATH! Cozying up to grandma or grandpa for a kiss and getting assaulted with dragon breath is less than pleasant, and not something that’s looked forward to repeating.
  2. SOLUTION:  Make sure the teeth, tongue and gums are brushed thoroughly every day and night. Floss teeth. If wearing dentures, pay attention to the recommended oral care given by the dentist. Visit the dentist regularly for teeth cleaning and oral evaluation.

#5. Drink Lots and Lots of Water!

  • Water keeps our fluids moving. When we don’t drink enough, all our fluids become more concentrated (like canned orange juice before you add water). Our pee turns dark yellow and its strong odor stinks to high heaven. Our skin loses it’s moisture and flakes and peels. If we’ve eaten smelly food, i.e. garlic and onion, it seeps out our pores.
  1. PROBLEM: If our pee is smelly and we leak, it makes our clothes smell. Our skin will smell strongly of whaterever we may have eaten. It will also flake onto our clothes, carpet, bedsheets, etc. and if those things aren’t cleaned regularly, they’ll smell.

#6. Wash Your Body

  • Older people, especially men, aren’t as interested in bathing. Those interviewed give several reasons. Some get anxious when getting in and out of the bath, and are afraid of falling in the shower. Especially those who live alone. Others seem to think of bathing as something you do only if you’re going out somewhere. Since they don’t go out as often, they think they can shower less. They justify this theory by explaining they don’t sweat much and don’t do activities that make them dirty. They feel that sponging off occasionallly does the trick.
  1. PROBLEM: The problem is obvious, right? Dead skin, leaked urine, the nonenal substance on the skin, inefficient toilet cleaning. Yeah. A sponge bath ain’t gonna cut it.
  2. SOLUTION:  It’s got to be frustrating for older people because the fear of falling is real. It is widely known that most falls occur in the bathroom. And if they’re frail and alone, there’s no-one there to help them get back up. If this is the case, find someone to come to the home to help with a good scrubbing a few times a week and have them fill in with sponge baths the other days.

#7. Pack and Store With Care

  • Older people accumulate a lifetime of ‘things’. It’s hard for us to part with anything as most are associated with memories. Unless there’s an issue with storage space, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be allowed to hang on to those things.
  1. PROBLEM: Old clothing, books, papers, linens and memorabilia smell musty. Especially if they’ve been stored for a long time incorrectly. My mother-in-law saved old perfume bottles in a dresser drawer. The cloyingly sweet smell was nauseating.
  2. SOLUTION:  Repack. Wash clothing, then store between dryer sheets. Put dried lavender in breathable cotton or linen bags and add them to your storage containers. Set an open box of baking soda on closet floors, or hang a bag of cedar chips in closets.

If You’re a Frustrated Caretaker, Things To Keep in Mind…

It’s common for aging adults to experience loss of vision. So a clothing stain that goes unnoticed, or mold growing in the bathroom shower may just not have been seen, rather than a lack of concern that it’s there.

Studies also show there is a large decrease in older adults sense of smell. In fact, it’s shown that by your 70’s, you may have lost up to 75% of your sense of smell. So Grandma truly may not have smelled Max’s accident in the corner, and if her vision is impaired, she also may not have seen it.

At the same time, she may not be able to notice that she smells bad or that her house has an unpleasant odor.

We will all be old and struggling with our own issues in the not so distant future, so being patient and undersanding is important. We can only hope that someone will show us the same kindness and respect.


After researching this post, I was left with two questions I couldn’t find answers to. (Sometimes my over-curious mind makes even ME crazy.)

1. Would taking antioxidants help slow down the production of nonenal? (If bumping up our antioxidant intake helps, I’m on it!)

2. Is there a skin or bath product that is effective in combating that old person smell?

Sometimes I just can’t  leave things alone. After writing those questions, I just had to know, so I went on my own search…

 I discovered that researchers found that persimmon helps reduce the production of nonenal. The fruit and it’s extract has been used in Japan for years to combat body odor, and products containing persimmon extract are sold as ‘anti-aging’ products. So off I went to find them.

Woo hoo! I found the persimmon soap, and there are tons of reviews saying it works beautifully. 

If any of you are interested, here are the persimmon soaps I found that you might want to give a try. Just click the  ‘Shop now’ button to buy them direct from Amazon.  I ordered the second one and have been using it. The third is a body wash/shampoo if you prefer a liquid to a bar soap.  I’ll continue to look for and add additional nonenal odor eliminating products to my store. You can find them here.

Disclosure: I love shopping online, especially for “gadgets”, and get excited when I find products I love and want to share them with you. Being an Amazon Associate, I share these products through blog posts and videos which may include “affiliate links”. This means if you should purchase a product, I may earn a small commission (My commission doesn’t raise the cost of your purchase).


7 steps to keep you from smelling like an old lady | Women Over Fifty Network

For Your Breath…

This mouthwash is rated as one of the best for bad breath treatment and plaque removal (which contributes to bad breath). It’s pricy, but you get two 16 oz bottles, and it comes with a 60-Day Satisfaction guarantee!


A nonenal fabric & shoe spray that eliminatesodor which is often associated with aging, sweat odor, shoe odor, etc. The product is unscented, so leaves no overpowering perfumy fragrance. Interesting…

For Your Head/Hair…

This hair shampoo purifies & deodorizes your scalp and hair by removing troublesome odors from their source “especially nonenal odor which is often associated with aging“. 

For Everything Else…

If your couch, shoes, gym clothes, or anything in your house or car has a funky smell, try this. This peppermint odor remover spray is also available in lemongrass, fresh air, and lavender. I’ve tried them all and highly recommend this stuff!

If you order and use any of these products, please get back to me to let me know if it worked. Helping each other out – that’s what we’re all about here. Thanks. You guys are the best!

Until next time, peace out!

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Starting Over. Who Says You Can’t Re-invent Your Life After 60? Meet MEREDITH MARAN – Author

Starting Over. Who Says You Can’t Re-invent Your Life After 60? Meet MEREDITH MARAN – Author

Starting Over. Who Says You Can’t Re-invent Your Life After 60? Meet MEREDITH MARAN – Author

Starting Over Again…and again, and again

It never ceases to amaze me how people come into your life at exactly the right time. Have you noticed that? Funny how life works. Funny, but not funny, ya know?

I know that in my life when I’m caught up in a shit storm and wading through the muck, I’m hard pressed to imagine that any good could possibly come from it if I should survive with my mind intact once I’m spit out on the other side. But it does. Almost always.

It’s happened over and over. When everything sucks, crap is coming at me from every angle and I’m forced to take my life in a completely different direction, that new direction ends up being the exact one I needed to take to get me to a better place. That new direction is one I would never have orchestrated on my own, and is usually a place I never in a million years would have thought myself to be.

Meet My New BFF: Meredith Maran

The story below reinforces my belief that ‘everything happens for a reason’. I immediately loved Meredith. She’s the author of “The New Old Me”, a story of starting over. She’s warm, spunky, funny, caring, positive and fiercely indendent. Aside from one very short e-mail exchange, I don’t know her. I was able to determine those qualities from the heartfelt and candid podcast interview you’ll listen to below.

During our 60’s, a time when life is supposed to get a little easier for us as we look forward to retirement, her life completely fell apart. She was blindsided by a rapid succession of life events.

If you are presently or have ever been in a place where you feel you’re getting hammered from all directions, you’re alone, and you’re not sure what your next move should be…listen to the interview with Meredith below.

You’ll hear traces of lingering pain in her voice, but you’ll feel her resiliency and determination that, I don’t know about you, but she put a renewed fire in my soul and reminded me of something I’ve preached, but sometimes forget myself: Every little thing’s gonna be alright.

She, my friends, personifies the strong, intelligent, empathetic, independent woman – the woman that the Women Over Fifty Network community was built around, and the type of woman I personally strive to be every day of my life.

NOTE: This is an audio post. Click the triangle below to listen…the intro ends at :26, then Meredith’s story begins.

NOTE: I love her thoughts at position 9:25 on the audio. EVERY WOMAN WHO IS OVER FIFTY NEEDS TO HEAR THIS!

Re-Inventing Myself After 60: Meredith Maran's Story

by DAYA Podcasts



Author |Speaker |Editor

Like a lot of women her age, MEREDITH MARAN has a hard time believing she’s a woman of her age. And yet she’s published more than a dozen books, including The New Old MeWhy We Write About OurselvesWhy We WriteMy Lie, and A Theory of Small Earthquakes. She writes for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and others.

A member of the National Book Critics Circle, Meredith lives in a Silver Lake bungalow that’s even older than she is. Anne Lamott said of Meredith’s skills as a coach for aspiring writers, “She’s the best in the biz.”

Learn more about Meredith and what she does HERE. See her books HERE

I love that she’s so down-to-earth and relatable and I can’t wait to read her memoir “The New Old Me”. My plan is to start with her most recent book and then work my way backward through the others. If you’d like to do the same so we can compare notes, you can order it through Amazon HERE(And just to be clear, I have no affiliation with or am receiving compensation for promotion – I’m just a huge fan!)

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this. Did anything in particular resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time…peace out.

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DAYA (Don't Act Your Age) Podcasts

DAYA (Don't Act Your Age) Podcasts

Guest Post

Meredith’s story is narrated by Stephen Johnston and produced by Rich Halten and Stephen Johnston at “Don’t Act Your Age,” a podcast about over-50’s who have earned every one of their gray hairs. You can hear more of their podcasts by subscribing to Don’t Act Your Age on iTunes HERE

Starting Over. Meredith Maran | Women Over Fifty Network

How Can Pooping Improve Your Memory? Hint: The Answer is in The Magazine Section at Wal-Mart.

How Can Pooping Improve Your Memory? Hint: The Answer is in The Magazine Section at Wal-Mart.

What Can I Do To Help My Memory?

I suggest you become a defecating cruciverbalist.

verb: to void excrement from the bowels through the anus; have a bowel movement.

noun: a person skillful in creating or solving crossword puzzles

Pooping + Puzzles = Improved Memory

I’m all about multi-tasking, and there’s seriously little else to focus on when you’re on the throne besides well…being on the throne.

There are some days it’s a quick trip in and out, but there are other days when nature apparently is preoccupied with someone else’s more pressing problems, so there’s a lot of sitting around doing nothing. To me, that’s wasting precious time. Doing crossword puzzles gives me something to do while I’m in the bathroom.

Exceptions to the Rule

Now, there are times when working puzzles while you’re in the potty isn’t a good idea. For instance, when you’re backed up to your eyeballs, haven’t gone in days, and you’ve just felt a glimmer of a possible breakthrough. In that case, you’re going to need complete focus on the business at hand. The better choice here would be to put the book down and do a little meditating. Ommm…

On the other hand, if you’re plagued with the squirts, there’s going to be a lot of flushing, sweating and possible bending in half with stomach cramps. With your hands full juggling various cleaning tools, this is not the ideal situation to try to keep track of a small crossword puzzle book. The potential anxiety this could cause you would hardly be worth the trouble. Don’t even bother opening your book on this trip in.

Crossword puzzle books in bathroom basket

What I’m talking about here is your every day, run of the mill, normal bathroom routine.

I keep my book with pen attached in a little magazine rack along with my bathroom spray next to the toilet.

You know how “they” suggest that it’s healthy to spend at least 15 minutes with and on ourselves every day? Make this your 15.

Okay, hurry and make a quick run to Wal-Mart (I’ll wait). Pick up a crossword puzzle book. I suggest “Easy Crosswords by Dell. You can grab one in the magazine section for under a buck.

I like to buy books that are fairly easy. If I get the more challenging ones, I get frustrated.

The point is not to compare yourself to those obviously gifted individuals who are able to complete the harder puzzles, but to challenge yourself to whatever level you need to get your brain activated and allow you to flex those problem solving muscles.

Crossword Puzzle Books

Setting The Mood

You should be set. Okay, refill your coffee, leave your phone in the other room, head to the “library”, lock the door, and get settled in.

Take a sip of your coffee. Listen to the quiet. Breathe in the clean smell of the bathroom (currently). Ahhhh. Are you feeling your zen?

Okay, now grab your book, hunker down and get after it!

Wait. Is There Proof That Crossword Puzzles Improve Memory?

Glad you asked. There seems to be mixed feelings from the scientific and medical community as to whether doing crossword puzzles actually improves the memory. So that means half think they do, and half think they don’t, right?

Let’s be the ‘cup is half full’ people shall we? I mean if you can’t remember shit right now anyway, it’s not going to make things worse if you do the puzzles and they don’t help.

But let’s say they do help. Spending fifteen minutes a day doing something pleasurable and somewhat challenging that will help you remember your daughter’s name the next time she calls? Phhfff. I’m in! No-brainer.

Will Crossword Puzzles Keep Me From Getting Alzheimer’s?

The thought of developing Alzheimers Disease is scarey, especially if it’s in your family history.

Alzheimer’s is characterized by the presense of “plaques” seen in the brain. The main component in these plaques is a toxic protein called Beta-amyloid that builds up in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkley conducted a study using brain scans to measure changes in the brains of test subjects.

The researchers found that those who were more often engaged in mentally stimulating activities, the less buildup of beta-amyloid they were likely to have in the brain.

Research concluded that reading, writing, doing crossword puzzles and solving challenging puzzles may be linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


Are There Other Benefits of Doing Crossword Puzzles?

But of course there are. Here are some positive things crossword puzzles can do for you. They…

Improve Your Verbal Skills – I think as we age, we tend to forget there are alternatives to words we use daily. They’ve taught me to change things up now and then when I speak. Instead of telling someone my typical “I’ll make this quick”, instead I’ll tell them “I’ll be succinct”. It impresses the hell out of people when you whip shit like that out.

Teach You Problem Solving – They make you think. Plain and simple. Don’t tell me they don’t improve your memory. I’m exercising the hell out of my memory muscles when I try to think of another word for “goad”, or the first name of “singer Horne”. And you can bet I’ll remember them three puzzles from now when I run across the same questions.

Reduce Stress – They take you out of your head for a short while and make you put your focus on something other than what’s consuming you at the present time. There’s something comforting about filling in those little squares.

Make You Smarter – You learn geography, politics, remember old phrases, learn new slang, bible verses, synonyms, grammar, history, current trends, movies, authors, etc. You become a source of information that makes you a rock star when playing games like Catch Phrase, Password, etc.

Give You a Sense of Accomplishment – When you’ve been stuck on a word for three days and it finally comes to you? Yessss! Puzzle solved. It’s a huge feeling of accomplishment, especially if you had held off peeking at the anwers in the back.

They’re Portable – You can take them anywhere. They fit in your purse, your beach bag, your office drawer. Leave one in your car. They’re a great alternative to mindlessly scrolling through your phone when you find yourself in a waiting situation or need some time to wind down.

In Conclusion…

I believe I’ve made my case that pooping will definitely improve your memory. I’d also like to mention that this proves a common expression untrue…

As you’re sitting on the commode with a brand new Crossword Puzzle book nestled on your lap, rest assured that you will never “Shit Your Brains Out”. Nope. Never gonna happen.

Not only will your brain stay firmly in place while you’re happily solving puzzles during your daily constitutional, but you’ll be providing it the fuel to potentially become stronger and sharper.

If you don’t do crossword puzzles, what other mind stimulating activities do you do that are helping you protect your brain? Share them below.

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CREPEY SKIN: What Causes It and Ways To Reduce It

CREPEY SKIN: What Causes It and Ways To Reduce It


Ugly, that’s what it is. Waffled, crepey skin just flat out creeps me out. It’s like a neon sign blinking “this bitch is old, this bitch is old…”

Crepey skin isn’t wrinkles. Wrinkles are lines that are caused from repetitive motions, like smiling or frowning. Wrinkles are earned and respected.

Crepey skin is a whole different thing. It’s defeated skin that’s pissed off you mistreated it your whole life. It waits until you’ve forgotten about it, then outs you in a crowd in all it’s hanging puckered glory as you’re flapping your arms around telling your story.

Okay, a little dramatic I admit. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re a woman over fifty as I am. Do you have any? If you don’t…why? Did I inherit this because I was grossed out by my grandma’s very crepey arms when I was young and silently chastised her smugly convinced hers looked that way because she didn’t get any exercise? I guess Karma’s a bitch, right?

From everything I’ve read, this process begins around the time you approach your 30’s. Your skin begins to lose protein. As the years go on, this causes thinning and sagging of the skin. Peachy.

So let me get this straight. In my 30’s when I was playing volleyball, softball, golfing, off-road single track biking, swimming and as active and fit as I’ve possibly ever been in my life, my skin was nonchalantly prepping itself to throw me this sucker punch in my 50’s? Nice.

Here’s the kicker – I didn’t really notice it happening. I mean, yeah, there were little changes here and there, but nothing major. Then one night I was bent over drying my legs after a relaxing bubble bath. I had gained an extra 20 pounds during the previous months, and I tended to look at my naked self as little as possible.

But that night, all bent over, out of the corner of my eye I noticed something odd. What in the holy HELL? The skin inside my upper arm looked like a half and half mixture of elephant skin and cottage cheese. After a quick body scan, with one eye closed, I also noticed some above my knees, on the top of my lower arms and my neck.

Dear Lord, at some point while I was sleeping I had turned into my Grandma. It hadn’t looked that way yesterday. Did it? OMG did it? I had worn a tank top and shorts and been around people. A lot of them!

I had held my own through most of my fifties with fewer obvious signs of aging than I had expected. That first physical change that your body is aging can be a shock. At least it was for me.

Calling a truce with my crepey skin was one of my first hurdles of learning how to be okay with getting older. Now it seems that each day there’s another little thing here, a little thing there that goes haywire or makes me go “hmmm” to remind me that time is marching on.

Moving on… In case you tuned in late or aren’t clear what we’re referring to, scroll back up to the top of this post and notice those cute little elephants. See their skin? Well, allow me to share another visual…

I Need A Steam Iron! Crepey Skin: Causes and Treatment-Women Over Fifty Network

You’re welcome. Look familiar?

Okay, so other than the loss of protein in our skin over the years that I mentioned above, what other things might be responsible for this tired, saggy skin?


  • Weight Loss | Weight Gain – As we age, the sudden weight gain and weight loss don’t play well with our skin. When we gain weight, our skin obviously has to stretch to accomodate our expanded girth. When we lose weight (woohoo!) the skin shrinks back. As we age, our skin loses it’s elasticity and doesn’t snap back and stay there as well as it used to. Think of the size and stretchiness of a rubberband right out of the box. Now look at a rubberband you’ve used multiple times. Not as tight and doesn’t stretch back as quickly, right?
  • Sun Exposure – Years and years of sun exposure (UV light) can screw with the collagen in your skin causing them to become stiff and inflexible.
  • Smoking – We all know that smoking causes premature aging. A lot of smokers or previous smokers have fine lines and puckered skin around the lips and mouth.
  • Side and Stomach Sleeping – Either of these positions will cause your face to be smashed against your pillow causing the skin to be pushed into this position for 6-8 hours. Side sleepers – have you looked in the mirror first thing when you wake up? Notice the wrinkles from your bedding in your cheeks?
  • Gravity – If something is up, it eventually will come down. Law of gravity. We don’t have a lot of control in this area.
  • Age -Our skin isn’t as able to retain it’s moisture as well as it did when we were younger. Dehydrated skin becomes dry skin, and dry skin becomes crepey, wrinkly skin. Bleh.


Time travel? Shoulda, coulda, woulda? If our sixteen year-old selves could have had a glimpse at our present selves, would we have done things differently? Been more careful? Speaking for myself probably not. I loved my younger life just as I love my present life. Hey, we age. It’s inevitable. Some of the changes it brings aren’t pleasant, but damn there are some great rewards aren’t there?

I think it’s human nature to want to look the best we can. So what, aside from surgical procedures, can we do ourselves to help reduce the crepey look of our skin? Here are some things you can get started with right away… 


  1. Massage. If your problem area is neck and face, do self massage on those areas. You may also do self massage on other problem areas such as arms, legs and chest.
  2. Exercise. For neck and face, do exercises specific to those areas. For arms and legs, resistance training is particularly helpful.
  3. Hydrate Using Homemade Moisturizers Like This – Olive & Honey Moisturizer: Mix olive oil and honey to a consistency that is somewhere between thick and runny. Massage lightly into skin. Leave it as long as possible. Wash off with warm water or shower. Avoid using soap. This mixture surprisingly won’t leave your skin sticky, it will just feel soft from the oil.
  4. Exfoliate. This helps stimulate collagen production. Use this homemade mixture – Sugar Scrub: Mix equal parts olive oil and sugar until it’s a consistency that doesn’t drip and is easy to spread (play around with this – you’ll get a feel for it and will find the consistency you prefer). Massage into skin for a few minutes, then rinse well with warm water. The sugar lifts dead skin while the oil helps hydrate your skin.
  5. Drink Lots of Water. Water helps rid the body and skin of toxins. I notice the more water I drink, the more even-toned my skin looks. I can’t find it’s been proven to help crepey skin, but it certainly won’t hurt, right?
  6. Get Enough Sleep. Lack of sleep ages your skin causing fine lines. Chronic sleep-loss makes your body release more cortisol (stress hormones). Irritable anyone? Get your rest!


Crepey Skin - What Causes it? | Women Over Fifty Network

If you’ve tried the above and had no success, I’ve found the products below that claim to reduce crepey skin. I’m using the Gold Bond (the first one) for my arms and have noticed a slight difference. I haven’t tried the middle one.

And the last one – CeraVe?  I practically bathe in this stuff ! My dermatologist recommended it, and I have it coming every other month on my Amazon Subscribe and Save. I highly recommend it!! If you try any of these, I would LOVE to know which one you tried and what you thought of it!

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