Laughter Yoga For Women Over 50: Stay Young and Healthy

Laughter Yoga For Women Over 50: Stay Young and Healthy

Laughter Yoga For Women???


Laughter Yoga For Women. You think I’m screwin’ with you, don’t you? Because it would be disrespectful to turn the quiet, personal, respectable practice of yoga into what basically sounds like a joke, right?  Nope! No disrespect here, although that was exactly what my thoughts were the first time I heard of it. Laughter Yoga for women is not a joke. It’s a real thing, and an amazing way to keep your spirits high and your overall health in good shape!


So Let’s Take a Look at the Logistics Here…


Laughter is, without a doubt, the best medicine for the soul. It’s that magical elixir that brings an instant smile to your face and lifts your spirits, no matter what life throws your way. But to incorporate that wild abandon of pee-your-pants-laughter… with yoga?  To be honest, ‘laughter yoga’ for women sounded ridiculous to me, and until I did some research, it felt like an extremely odd and unlikely pairing.

I’ve been wrong once before (…okay maybe twice). In this case though, being wrong made me so excited to not only experience this newfound activity, but to share it with my “people”!   So, let’s jump into what I learned about “Laughter Yoga”.

What Exactly is Laughter Yoga?


Imagine a room full of people, all laughing their hearts out, not because of a joke or a comedy show, but simply because they want to. Laughter Yoga is a unique concept that combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing techniques. Created by Dr. Madan Kataria in the 1990’s, this practice has now become a global sensation, bringing joy and health benefits to countless people worldwide.


What Happens in a “Laughter Yoga” Class?


In a Laughter Yoga class, the primary goal is to induce laughter through a series of intentional exercises and activities. Participants engage in a combination of playful laughter exercises, deep breathing techniques, and physical movements, all facillitated by a Laughter Yoga instructor. The key technique used to initiate laughter is called “forced laughter”.

During the session, participants are encouraged to practice various simulated laughter exercises, such as the “milkshake laughter”, “lion laughter”, or “silent laughter”, among others. These exercises often involve playful interactions, eye contact, and body movements that mimic the act of laughing.

Participants are encouraged to let go of inhibitions and embrace the concept of unconditional laughter, which eventually transitions into genuine and contagious laughter. Additionally, deep breathing techniques borrowed from traditional yoga practices are incorporated, promoting relaxation and enhancing the overall experience.

These controlled breathing exercises help in oxygenating the body, reducing stress, and boosting overall well-being. As the session progresses, the forced laughter often transforms into genuine, spontaneous laughter, leading to a joyful and energizing atmosphere within the class.


The Magic of Laughter Yoga for Women Over Fifty


Life after 50 can bring its own set of challenges, but it’s important to remember that age is just a number. Laughter Yoga offers an incredible array of benefits tailor-made for this golden phase of life…

      • Boosts Immunity: Laughter has been shown to enhance immune functions, helping your body combat illnesses more effectively.
      • Stress Buster:  Laughter reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body, providing a natural way to combat anxiety and stress.
      • Improves Mood: It stimulates the release of endorphins, the natural feel-good chemicals in our body, promoting an overall sense of well-being and happiness.
      • Strengthens Relationships: Laughter is infectious and creates a sense of community, fostering stronger bonds and building lasting relationships.
      • Enhances Heart Health Laughter is known to improve blood circulation and increase the efficiency of blood vessels, thus contributing to a healthier heart.


Join the Laughter Yoga Revolution


Now you might be wondering where you can find this magical laughter group? Well, it might be closer than you think. Laughter Yoga clubs and sessions are sprouting up worldwide, with many offering specialized classes for seniors.

Check your local community centers, yoga studios, or even consider starting your own laughter club with friends. Laughter is contagious, after all!


A Little Preparation for Your Laughter Yoga Experience …


Okay, I’m thinking that if I gathered up my sister, and a few of my crazy friends, this might really be fun. Remember when you laughed so hard your stomach actually hurt?

I also remember laughing so hard I was afraid I’d pee my pants, but didn’t cuz I was young. But now I’m not.  So, wait… Yikes. If I want to take a class like this and enjoy it without any distractions, there are definitely a few things I need to address.  Hang on while I do a little shopping.

Okay, I’ve shared a few products below that are on my list to get before my first class (I’ve given an explanation why for each).



 -This post contains product affiliate links.

I earn if you should purchase any qualifying product.

My commission is at no additional cost to you-

Poise Incontinence Pads 

Poise Incontinence Pads for Women, 4 Drop, Moderate Absorbency, Regular, 66Ct


Back in the day, I would have latched on to a class like this with reckless abandon and stayed for hours laughing my ass off!

These days, though, I don’t know about you, but I’m not completely comfortable that I could laugh hard while I was exercising, and pull it off without some leakage happening.



Extra-Thick Yoga Mat

I’ve done yoga and exercise classes in the past at the gym and community centers, etc. I’m not a germaphobe or anything, but I do have to admit that I prefer sweating on and rolling around on my own yoga mat. I know the “house” mats are cleaned and disinfected, (they are, right?) but why have that thought sitting in the back of your mind when you’re straddling that sucker?

Along with the sanitation thing, I’ve got some aches and pains and I like a little cush in my mat. I loved the thickness of this one.

Wakeman Fitness Extra-Thick Yoga Exercise Mat, Available in Various Colors
Wakeman Fitness Extra-Thick Yoga Exercise Mat, Available in Various Colors
Wakeman Fitness Extra-Thick Yoga Exercise Mat, Available in Various Colors

Laughter Yoga Paperback

This might be more of an odd “me” thing, but I’m not all that great with surprises. Here’s the deal…I’ve researched this new crazy laughter yoga class, and it sounds like a hoot, plus I definitely need to get my body moving, and who doesn’t need to laugh more? It should be a lot of fun…but what if it isn’t? I want to know more before I dip my toe in.

This book is written by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria. I like knowing that after reading this, I’ll be more excited than anxious going to a new class armed with a better feel for what to expect. I know, I know, “Where’s your sense of adventure, Pat?”. (I just really dislike being stuck somewhere that turned out to be not what I was expecting, ya know?) Anyone else?

Yoga Pants w/ Pockets

These yoga pants are the BEST! I have several pair of these, some full length, some capris, all patterns. They stretch and stretch and bounce right back into shape. They’re comfortable. They’re flattering.

They last forever! (I bought my first pair three years ago in 2020), wore them a lot, and I mean a LOT! They still look great, and still have that bounce-back thing going on. See recent pics below. (The inseams are only just a little bit frayed, but those thighs-o-mine did some major rubbing for a time, so I can’t fault the pants. My chubby little thighs causing constant friction were the culprits.)

This brand is my number one recommendation in yoga pants. You won’t be disappointed! I liked them so much I wrote a review on the the ones I bought in 2020 (different pattern than those shown above – same pants). You can read the review HERE.



– As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My commission is at no additional cost to you –

In Conclusion…

Laughter Yoga is not just a passing trend; it’s a new and creative way of embracing joy and well-being. So, unleash that laughter, be uninhibited, and embrace that feeling of just letting yourself be free. Laugh your way to better health and a more vibrant life. Because, as they say, laughter truly is the best medicine, and it’s never too late to start!


Let’s Do This!

I’m pretty pumped to get busy searching to see if there’s one of these classes in my area. I would LOVE if any of you has tried one of these Laughter Yoga classes to please comment below and  share your experience with us!

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Panic Attacks: Who Gets Them and Why? (Part 1 of 3)

Panic Attacks: Who Gets Them and Why? (Part 1 of 3)

Panic Attacks


Panic attacks: Who Gets them? What are  they?   How long do they last? How do you get rid of them? I hadn’t give any of these questions much thought years ago because…well, as snobby and heartless as it sounds, I just never thought about it because it wasn’t part of my world.

I didn’t have them, I’d never seen anyone have one, nobody I knew had them, and I knew very little about them. They were in that category of conditions that ‘other people’ had. I had my own set of medical conditions to keep at bay. Then I became an adult, had kids to raise, responsibilities to juggle, a job where people depended on me, bills to pay, and then BOOM!


How My Curiosity About Panic Attacks Began


My Story...

Patti Huck, Women Over Fifty Network

A long, long time ago…

I will never forget my first panic attack. I was a divorced mother of two. Both kids were in high school. My daughter was on the dance team, my son was in basketball and baseball. I played volleyball and had a passion for mountain biking. We were all busy, active, and happy.

Money was tight, but we were doing okay. I was a massage therapist, and also did medical transcription in office and as a freelancer at home. I was able to keep my work schedule flexible enough to allow me to attend all my kids activities.

At their high school, there were two gyms. On this particular day my daughter had an activity in the front gym, my son had a game in the back gym. I was rushing from work to get there in time to catch half of each of their events. Having stayed up too late because of a long night of typing, I was tired and looking forward to the last of this day’s activities.

As I approached the school, I noticed I felt kind of “spacey”, and a little bit short of breath. I assumed it was because I was moving fast, and didn’t think much of it, trusting I’d feel better once I got there.

After I parked, I was dashing down the hall toward the gym when I started feeling a bit dizzy. When I got to the gym door I stood there frozen. My body felt “tingly” all over. My face was hot, I was sweaty, and my head felt weird. This sounds odd, but, I could “feel” my eyes. Have you ever been “aware” of your eyes? Can’t explain it, except to say that it’s a really creepy feeling.

The first gym was full of activity and people pre-event. I needed to quickly find my daughter, but there I was, standing at the door of the gym like a deer in headlights, waiting to see what was going to happen next in my body.

What’s wrong with your mom?

Having attention drawn to me makes me really uncomfortable. Passing out on the gym floor would really worry my kids. Waking up after having passed out on a gym floor would really embarrass me.  So I was grateful that my body chose to kick in to automatic pilot. Sweatin’ like a mutha, my head roaring, and feeling like my eyes were popping out of their sockets, I busted through that gym door, and quickly found my daughter to let her know I was there. All I needed to do then was get to the second gym, slip into the stands, and watch the first part of my son’s game.

But…just as I left my daughter and was super focused on making my way across the last half of the gym, I saw one of the teacher’s walking toward me, smiling and waving. N-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!!

Getting through that conversation and appearing to be capable, normal and sane, was the best performance of my life. It was also one of the most uncomfortable and frightening 10 minutes I’ve ever remembered spending with anyone. As panicky as I’d felt, and the speed and intensity that these strange feelings had presented themseves, at one point I truly thought I was going to die.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t. Although, unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the end of these attacks. Their recurrence created a situation that was something new to me – fearing being in public and having another one. A worse one. One that had more symptoms. I worried about what would happen if I didn’t  snap out of it next time? What if it happened while I was driving? Was I putting my kids in danger because of this new inability to control my emotions? Because of the onslaught of all these fears and not having enough knowledge about what I was dealing with, I launched myself into some pretty intense research into the why’s and how’s of panic disorder. Here’s what I learned…

What Is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is “a sudden and intense episode of overwhelming fear or anxiety”. It can be an extremely distressing experience for those who go through it. Panic attacks can occur unexpectedly, or they may be triggered by specific situations or stimulus.

During a panic attack, the body’s “fight or flight” response is triggered inappropriately, leading to a surge of adrenaline and other stress hormones. This response is usually meant to help us deal with real threats or dangerous situations, but in the case of a panic attack, it occurs in the absence of any immediate danger.


How Do I Know It’s Just a Panic Attack? What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of a panic attack can vary from person to person, but typically include a combination of physical and psychological symptoms. Some common symptoms include:

      • Rapid Heart Rate, (palpitations or pounding heart).
      • Sweating and trembling, (or shaking).
      • Shortness of Breath, (or feeling like you can’t breathe properly).
      • Chest Pain, (or discomfort).
      • Feeling Dizzy, (lightheaded or faint).
      • Nausea, (or stomach discomfort).
      • Numbness, (or tingling sensations).
      • Chills, (or hot flashes).
      • Fear of losing control, (or going crazy).
      • Fear of dying.
      • Sense of detachment from reality, (feeling disconnected from oneself).
      • Intense fear or dread.

It’s important to note that a panic attack can vary in intensity and duration. Some panic attacks may last only a few minutes, while others can persist for long periods. People who experience panic attacks often report feeling extremely anxious, and may start to worry about having more attacks in the future, leading to a cycle of fear and anxiety.

It’s essential to seek help from a mental health professional if you, or someone you know, is experiencing panic attacks or anxiety symptoms, to receive proper evaluation and support. Treatments such as therapy and, in some cases, medication, can be effective in managing panic attacks and anxiety.

Are Panic Attacks More Common in Women or Men?

Research suggests that panic attacks are more common in women than in men. While panic disorder itself can affect people of all genders, studies have consistently shown a higher prevalence of panic attacks and panic disorder in women. Several factors contribute to this:


    1. Hormonal Factors: Hormonal changes, such as those that occur during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause, can influence the occurrence and severity of panic attacks in women.
    2. Social and Cultural Factors: Societal and cultural factors can play a role in the higher prevalence of panic attacks in women. Women often face unique stressors and expectations that might contribute to anxiety and panic.
    3. Biological and Genetic Factors: Some studies suggest that there may be genetic and biological factors that predispose women to be more susceptible to panic attacks.
    4. Psychosocial Factors: Women may be more likely to seek help for their mental health issues, including panic attacks, leading to higher reported rates.
    5. Comorbidity with Anxeity and Mood Disorders: Panic attacks often co-occur with other anxiety disorders and mood disorders. Since women are generally more likely to experience anxiety and depression, this could contribute to the higher prevalence of panic attacks among women.  It’s important to note that while women are more likely to experience panic attacks, these attacks can affect anyone, regardless of gender.

Are Panic Attacks Dangerous?

Panic attacks themselves are not physically dangerous. They do not cause any lasting physical harm or medical emergencies. However, they can be emotionally and psychologically distressing. The intense fear and physical sensations experienced during a panic attack can be overwhelming and can lead to significant distress and impairment in daily life.

One of the main concerns with panic attacks is the fear of having more attacks in the future, which can lead to a condition known as panic disorder. Panic disorder is an anxeity disorder characterized by recurrent panic attacks and persistent worry about having additional attacks. It may lead to avoidance of certain places or situations for fear of triggering another attack, which can significantly impact a person’s quality of life.

While panic attacks themselves are not dangerous, they can sometimes be mistaken for other medical conditions that cause similar symptoms, such as heart attacks. If you are unsure whether your symptoms are due to a panic attack or a medical emergency, it’s crucial to seek medical attention to rule out any other potential health issues.

That’s it for Part 1. We’ll dive a little deeper into panic attacks in older women and suggestions for ways to take control in Part 2 of this series coming soon.


Watch for Part 2 in this series…

  • To learn ways to lessen the severity of a panic attack, and possibly even stop it before it takes hold.
  • We’ll also look into tools, apps, and other devices and ways we can calm ourselves at the onset or during a panic attack.
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Laughter Yoga For Women Over 50: Stay Young and Healthy

Laughter Yoga For Women Over 50: Stay Young and Healthy

“Laughter Yoga For Women“. You think I’m screwin’ with you don’t you? Because it would be disrespectful to turn the quiet, personal, respectable practice of yoga into what basically sounds like a joke, right? Nope! No disrespect here, although that was exactly what my thoughts were the first time I heard of it. Laughter Yoga is not a joke. It’s a real thing, and an amazing way to keep your spirits high and your overall health in good shape!

read more

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Keto Diet not Working for You? Try this Secret to Make it Easy.

Keto Diet not Working for You? Try this Secret to Make it Easy.

Keto Diet not Working for You? Try this Secret to Make it Easy.

What is a Keto Diet?

A Keto Diet, short for Ketogenic Diet, is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. A Ketogenic Diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. When there is less carbohydrate in the diet, the liver then converts fat into fatty acids and ketones. The ketones pass into the brain through the blood and replace glucose as an energy source. When there is an elevated level of ketones in the blood, you are said to be in a state known as “ketosis“. The goal of the Keto Diet is to get you into a state of ketosis.

What Foods Can I Eat on a Keto Diet, and What Food is Off-Limits?

You can search for Keto Diet and find hundreds of meal plans and recipes online. One site that I thought looked particularly good was Women’s Health. Since the Ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate diet, that means you need to stay away from sugar, pasta and bread.
Food You Can Eat (in general)
  • Fish, seafood, meat
  • Vegetables that grow above ground
  • Cheese and eggs
  • Natural fats
    • i.e (butter, olive oil, etc.)
Foods You Should Eat Sparingly
  • Pasta, rice, potatoes
  • Fruit
  • Beer, Soda, Juice
  • Bread, Cakes, Donuts, etc.
  • Candy, Chocolate, etc.

What’s The Big Hype? Why is It Supposed to Work?

The body has three sources of fuel it can burn to get its energy: Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat. Just as a car needs fuel in it’s gas tank that it burns to enable it to perform, we need food to provide us our energy to perform Sticking stictly to a Ketogenic Diet will eventually put the body into a state of ketosis.  When your body is in a state of ketosis, it means it is now burning fat to fuel your body.

How Do You Know When You’re in Ketosis?

Urine test strips are available, like the ones below, that will give you a reading letting you know when your body has reached a ketogenic state, or is in “ketosis“.

If It Sounds So Simple, Why Are So Many People Falling Off?

Because it’s hard!

The Keto diet’s original purpose was not for weight loss, but to treat epilepsy in children. Those on the diet had to be monitored strictly by a physician. So even if you think you’re following the rules of the diet, as it turns out, you may not be. According to my research, it is extremely difficult to get your body into a state of ketosis on your own through diet alone, and even if you do get to ketosis, you may not be there long enough to burn much fat.

So What’s The Secret?

Pure Therapeutic Ketones. You start dumping ketones into your body to get your body into ketosis faster. The video below shows how they work and what they do. It’s only 4 minutes and it’s explained very simply (no scientific language). Hit the play button on the man’s nose and give it a watch.

Oh, I Forgot The Best Part…

As I learned more about Pruvit’s Keto OS, one thing kept jumping out at me. Pruvit claims that Keto OS will get your body into ketosis within 60 minutes, (the state when your body is burning fat), EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING A KETOGENIC DIET!!! Not saying that it wouldn’t help you and your body to follow the diet, but if you’re drinking Keto OS you don’t have to follow the Keto diet because ketosis will happen anyway. Yeah. I was ready to give this stuff a try.

How Do You Get Them?

I am one of the biggest skeptics you’ll ever find. In my next post I will be sharing what my experience has been with this product, but I’ll tell you right now that it’s basically changed my life. If you’ve decided to get better with ketones right away, and don’t want to wait to hear my story, I can help you. Choose your option below.

Want to Try Them First?

To purchase a 5-10 day trial, Just click the button below. Try all the flavors. Be reminded what it feels like to feel good.

Anxious to Just Get Started?

If you want to skip the trial and just get started, click the button below and let’s get you some ketones!

A Note To My Readers:

When I started Women Over Fifty Network I made a promise to myself that if I found a product that made my life easier, or in this case improved it, I would share it with you in hopes of it making your lives better. This is hands down one of those products.

I will never recommend a product I don’t use myself, or a product with which I haven’t personally had results.

Stay tuned for my next post about my experience with pure therapeutic ketones.



Patti Huck image and signature

Struggling with Keto Diet | Women Over Fifty Network
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What To Do With Sentimental Keepsakes That Are Taking Over Your Storage Space In Ways That Won’t Rip Your Heart Out.

What To Do With Sentimental Keepsakes That Are Taking Over Your Storage Space In Ways That Won’t Rip Your Heart Out.

What To Do With Sentimental Keepsakes That Are Taking Over Your Storage Space In Ways That Won’t Rip Your Heart Out.


I’m trying to live a more minimalistic life by getting rid of some of the clutter in my home. If you’re a sentimental person, you know how difficult that can be.

Instead of blowing through storage bins and quickly mucking out closets and drawers, I find myself sitting in the middle of the floor going through old photos I ran across, reading old letters, smiling and crying simultaneously as I relive old memories.

While searching for ways to help me let go of my treasures, I remembered the following article I wrote several years ago. I’m taking my own advice and wanted to share it with you.

How to Let Go of Sentimental Keepsakes | Women Over Fifty Network

Memories of Childhood

I went to a Catholic school through the 8th grade. Nuns wore habits, were strict, and enforced rules and punishment. It was a life of rituals, uniforms, memorizing prayers and poems. Education was taken very seriously and consequences doled out for falling short.

I learned piano. I made lifelong friends. I won a National penmanship award. I kissed a boy for the first time. We hid behind the church during recess and played poker on the church steps. We wore white lipstick (that the nuns roughly wiped off). I walked to and from school and rode my bike to meet friends. It was a childhood that isn’t typical these days. My rosaries, holy cards, report cards, class pictures, etc. are all saved in a cigar box.

I went on to public school and became social. I met new friends, fell in love (several times), played sports, was a cheerleader, went to prom. I loved those years. My mementos let me relive those years of being young, having a strong athletic body, not being able to imagine myself at the age I am now, and dreaming of a future that resulted in a totally different reality.

Memories of Family

My mom was my best friend. When i married and had kids, she was who I called first to share good or bad news, get advice, or just to gossip. We sewed together once a week in our BPFC (Be Prepared For Christmas) club. We shopped. We shared recipes.

Mom died on my 28th birthday, when my kids were 2 and 3. I was devastated and it took me years to feel halfway normal again. Holding on to some of mom’s stuff, in an odd way, is holding on to a piece of mom.

Memories of an Earlier Life

I married at 21. We had a good couple years of marriage that produced two great kids. His job took him in and out of town. We grew apart. The marriage ended 9 years later. That was years ago, we remain friends, and each of us are happily remarried, but the things I’ve kept from those years are tied to a marriage and time when my kids were part of a two-parent family. So I feel I need to save those things to pass on to them.

Memories of Children

I was a single mom for most of my kids school years. It was us against the world, creating memories, tackling life head-on, and living our lives to the fullest as best we could. Although those years were a struggle financially, they were some of the best years of my life. I’m proud of the adults my children have become, and I’m proud of myself for powering through some really difficult years that resulted in the relationship I now have with my kids. The “things” I’ve saved from those years are precious to me.

Are You a Sentimental Person?

So… how do you get rid of sentimental things if you’re a sentimental person? First of all, who says we have to? I’m a sentimental hot mess and have trouble letting go…of anything. When I love someone (or something), I love it hard! I cry easily.

  • My kids saying  “I love you, mom” always causes a lump in my throat.
  • Seeing the 12th man kick in when watching a nail-biter Seahawks game (GO HAWKS!) makes me cry.
  • Holding a baby, ANY baby, brings tears to my eyes – every stinkin’ time!

So I’m sorry to all the minimalists out there who coldly advise getting rid of sentimental clutter because they’re just “things”. Yeah, blah, blah, blah. Maybe they are just things, but there are some things I just WILL not and CANNOT let go. I say, if you’ve got the room for it, and it means something to you, KEEP IT!

I do agree, though, that saving everything that holds a memory can get out of hand. So here are some ideas for choosing what things to keep, uses for the things you save, and minimizing the space needed to store those things you can’t let go of…

Sentimental Paperwork

Elementary school artwork and projects, report cards, detention slips, essays, etc. Letters, cards, and notes.

  • Pull out your favorite few, or one item for each school year. If you can’t dump what remains, pack them all in a storage container and label it. If you don’t revisit that storage container in the next few years, throw it away without looking through it again, or ask your kids if they’d like to have them.
  • Take pictures of your favorite ones. Store the pictures on a disc or jump drive. Make them into photo books and gift them to your kids.
  • Make a scrapbook or shadowbox.

Sentimental Clothing

Your wedding dress, the bunting your baby wore home from the hospital, the t-shirt you bought in Mexico, your grandma’s pillbox hat, your cheerleading sweater, your dad’s favorite belt buckle, your favorite jeans from four sizes ago.

  • If they make you happy, turn them into display pieces. Make a shadowbox with pieces of these items grouped with pictures of you/them wearing them. Turn all those memorable t-shirts into a quilt.
  • If you’re saving clothing you hope you’ll fit into again, GET RID OF THEM! Although you may be holding on to them for motivation, I don’t know about you, but if I get back down to that size, I’ll be celebrating by buying NEW clothes!

Sentimental Items

Your grandma’s china, your dad’s favorite belt buckle, the framed picture of your great-aunt, your mother-in-law’s wedding ring, your mom’s old cookie press.

  • Use it. If they’re functional, and will serve a purpose in your home, use them. Take a quick picture of them and put them in your drawer or cupboard. Everytime you use that item it will bring back a happy memory. So, use grandma’s china. If you break some pieces, it’s okay. Mom would get a kick out of you struggling to make spritz cookies using her old cookie press, and you KNOW she’d be okay with you eventually replacing it for a new one.
  • Display it. Hang that old picture of great aunt Hilda. Pull out other vintage photos of relatives and group all these together on a family wall.
  • Wear it. Have dad’s buckle shined and polished. Wear it yourself or give it to your brother, husband, son. Use it as an embellishment on a purse or clothing. Wear the ring on a chain, or take out the stones and have it reset in a more modern setting.

Give Yourself As Much Time As You Need

I feel that allowing yourself moments to relive and revisit memories can be healing. It can ground yourself by giving you a chance to revisit your past and pat yourself on the back for the progress you’ve made. It can remind you of plans you had for your future, and inspire and re-motivate you to attain those dreams. It can comfort you.

Are You Living In The Past?

I say that if you’re thoughtful about which items to keep, take steps to preserve them properly, organize and label any containers where they live, and if you have the room to store them, then do it. Who are you hurting? I don’t think it  means you’re living in the past.

It’s true that these things are just “things”, but things, just like smells, taste and touch, can morph you back to a memory or a time that is close to your heart. My mom touched that sewing pattern, studied it over a cup of coffee, made notes on it, and was excited to start sewing it once we were all tucked away in bed.

My kids held the crayon that colored that picture of the three of us, carried it home from school and proudly handed it to me with their little 1st grade hands. I’ll be damned if I’ll let those things go.

Am I wrong?

Patti Huck image and signature

Feeling Blah? 70 Things To Bring You Out of a Funk (FREE PRINTABLE LIST)

Feeling Blah? 70 Things To Bring You Out of a Funk (FREE PRINTABLE LIST)

Feeling Blah? 70 Things To Bring You Out of a Funk (FREE PRINTABLE LIST)

Do you feel as drained and wrung out as I have lately? In a funk? Overwhelmed?

We’re strong women who can pretty much handle anything, right? And we do. Daily. As women and mothers it’s our nature to attend to whoever needs attending, to comfort, to “fix it”. But strong or not, we’re still human, and dealing with constant stress day after day wears us down. Without noticing that it’s happening, we find ourselves waking up to days where we feel totally drained, in a funk, and have nothing left in us to give.

I’ve found myself feeling a bit funky several times lately. Completely and totally spent. Burnt out and exhausted. Have you? How do you handle it? What do you do? I’d love to hear your coping strategies. Is it the season change? The ramp up to the holidays? Lack of sunlight?

When you’re in it, it doesn’t matter what the cause is. What matters is telling ourselves it’s okay, being patient, and taking care of ourselves. To help turn things around, we need to give ourselves the same compassion we give to others.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, the first thing I do is instinctively go to my list. My list is a collection of feel good things I’ve complied that help me snap out of a potential funk, and help me restore some of that “me time” I’ve been lacking. 

Let me share my list with you…I’ve highlighted some products or ideas in red. Clicking on them will take you to things I use, love and recommend. Use mine, or find some of your own!

70 Things To Do When You’re In a Funk

1. Exercise – walk, hit a punching bag, ride a bike, do yoga, go hiking, lift weights.

2. Doodle. Learn Zentangle. Color in an adult coloring book with colored pencils.

3. Re-watch a comedy movie that you remember made you laugh hard.

4. Search for and join Facebook groups on topics you’re interested in.

5. Do a crossword puzzle, or word search.

6. Paint your tonenails a riduclous color.

7. Light a candle and take a hot bath with eucalyptus and mint salts.

8. Take yourself shopping for some pretty (not cotton) panties and bras.

9. Clean something that you can finish in one day. (The completed visual is a feel-good).

10. Chill at a local coffee shop with a good book for a couple hours, or just people watch.

11. Pick a room in your house and pretend redesign it – go online and find furniture, paint colors, etc.

12. Play some of your favorite old songs, sing LOUD and crazy dance. – Nobody’s watching.

13. Browse cookie recipes, pick one, go get the ingredients and bake them. Then face pack!

14. Call a friend to meet somewhere for lunch. Or arrange a lunch at your house or theirs.

15. Make separate playlists of your favorite songs in separate genres.

16. Play with new makeup ideas (look for ideas on Pinterest). Then take selfies after each one.

17. Bake something to take to an elderly relative. Spend some time. Give them hugs.

18. Rearrange the furniture in one of the rooms of your house.

19. Go buy an interesting jigsaw puzzle and put it together while you listen to an audiobook.

20. Find free language lessons online and learn enough to be able to converse if you were to travel there.

21. Call a group of friends to come over and play Catch Phrase.

22. Choose a theme or a color, and throw an impromptu potluck. Have guests dress and bring food to match the theme or color. (I did green deviled eggs for a St. Paddy’s Day party).

23. Write your bucket list. Research places or activities that are on your list.

24. Visit a local museum or historical house or building.

25. Take yourself out to a restaurant you’ve never been. Or eat a food you’ve never eaten.

26. Buy bright cheery flowers to put in the rooms of your house you spend the most time in.

27. Go to a yard sale or thrift store and search for treasures.

28. Write a long letter to a friend you’ve lost touch with. Mail it.

29. Buy a year’s worth of birthday cards you’ll send to family and friends.

30. Sand an old piece of furniture and paint it a color you love, not one that matches anything.

31. Pack yourself a picnic, grab a good book, and take yourself to a park for the afternoon.

32. Invite a neighbor who you’ve been meaning to get to know better over for coffee.

33. Teach yourself to crochet – watch a YouTube video for beginners.

34. Write a list of things you’re thankful for.

35. Go to a movie you’ve been wanting to see. Eat popcorn slathered in butter. Buy candy.

36. Spend a few hours wandering through books at the library.

37. Look for an online course on something you’re interested in learning.

38. Organize your pictures or recipes. Use colorful binders, dividers and tabs.

39. Go out in the sunshine and dig in the dirt. If the weather’s crappy, plant some seeds in a pot inside.

40. Plan the details, including mileage and places you’ll visit, of a real or pretend trip.

41. Buy a bunch of scratch tickets, stop for your favorite take out, and binge watch a sitcom.

42. Treat yourself to a massage or a facial.

43. Pick a totally different hairstyle and go get your hair cut & colored.

44. Pretend you’re back in school and write a report. Pick a topic and research everything you can find out about it.

45. Start a blog.

46. Search YouTube or get a beginner’s book on how to draw. Practice drawing eyes and mouths.

47. Pick up a catalog of classes for over 50’s at your library. Sign up for one (or ten) of them.

48. Visit your local Senior Center to see what activities/classes they offer (it’s not just for old people).

49. Shave your legs and pits. Pluck your nose hairs and eyebrows. Or get some wax and go wild.

50. Go to an antique store or a Farmer’s Market. Buy lunch from a food truck.

51. Attend a palette painting, pottery or ceramics class.

52. Play solitaire. Learn a new version.

53. Apply for a part time job, or look for volunteer opportunities.

54. Offer to babysit for someone. Or house sit. Or dog sit.

55. Creat an exercise routine to a playlist of your favorite kick-ass motivating tunes.

56. When was the last time you wandered around downtown? Go rediscover shops, restaurants and buildings.

57. Go spend an hour at the nearest casino and play slots. Take the shuttle and make a new friend.

58. Spend the day wandering an arboretum, park, zoo or sanctuary and take pictures.

59. Go on a ghost tour, or visit your local haunted places.

60. Clean out your junk drawer.

61. Lay in your yard and do nothing but watch the clouds move like you did as a child.

62. Jump on Amazon and create a wish list. Don’t worry about prices. It’s your list.

63. Order something random online that you can’t wait to have delivered.

64. Drive to your nearest town and act like a tourist. Stop at the Visitor’s Center to see what attractions they recommend.

65. Make a list of things that you love. Make another list of things that you love about yourself.

66. Turn off your phone. Kill social media. Hide the newspaper. Read a book or journal write.

67. Get a tattoo of something that’s close to your heart.

68. Practice your handwriting.

69. Clean out your email inbox. Create folders and organize the emails you’ve saved.

70. Pretend you’re a squirrel and spend all day cooking make-ahead freezer meals to stock-pile for the coming months.

Funk-proof yourself. Print out this list for easy access!

When your phone’s battery is in the red zone, you plug it in to recharge it, don’t you?

Well, pretend you’re a phone with a depleted battery. You need to plug in!

You need some quick go-to resources.


Okay, Look At The List. Now Add Your Own Feel-Good Options.

Pick one thing on it, block a day off your calendar, and spend that day doing exactly what you want to do. (Today I’m feeling like #42 sounds perfect!) You deserve it. Hell, you REQUIRE it. If your battery has hit the dangerously low level and you don’t do this for yourself, you’ll shut down – just like your phone does when its battery is spent.

And remember that even if things are really shitty today, by tomorrow or next week things will have resolved themselves, your funk will have lifted, and your world will be back to being a better place again. Right?

Get to it! Pick one thing. Start with a 15 minute thing, then move on to scheduling “your day” into your calendar. You are just as deserving to occupy one of those boxes on your calendar as your other important events are. I wish you happy days ahead!

So until next time, you beautiful badass woman…peace out!

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