At Women Over Fifty Network, it’s all about sharing. Women Over Fifty Network likes to connect with our readers and also encourage our readers to connect with each other. We do this by asking you, our reader, to share your story with us.

In the coming months we are going to feature women who want to share their stories of success, triumph, failures and accomplishments.

Your words may be exactly what one of us was waiting for to gently push us toward making changes in our own life.

How rewarding and powerful would it feel knowing that you could inspire someone to change the direction of their life just by you sharing your own personal experience with them?

You don’t need to be a writer…I’ll help you. C’mon! We want to hear about your amazing self. Please share your story with us.


I am looking for well-written, light hearted, inspiring, from-the-heart, gut-wrenching, REAL PEOPLE writing.

I’m not interested in bitch-sessions, political or religious rants, or woe-is-me pieces.


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RE-INVENTION (the topic I'm primarily looking for)

How have you transformed your life after the age of fifty in a way that could inspire other women? What changes have you gone through, or made? What challenges have you encountered? In what ways is life better for you now?


Do you have a particular health issue? How has it limited you, and in what ways have you made changes to cope with it?


We all have ‘senior moments’, most of which are hilarious and so relatable. Share your story of a particular incident or situation which didn’t turn out the way you had planned. Entertain us – make us laugh!


How do you spend your free time? Have you revisited an old passion that you now have time to pursue, or have you recently learned something new that you could share with us?


Are you recently widowed? Newly divorced? Single and dating after 50? Has your sex life blossomed or fizzled? How do you feel about that? Do you have tips to help others in your same situation?


How have you overcome an obstacle in your life or freed yourself from a less than ideal situation? Were you dealt a bad hand? Did you finally resolve some lifelong emotional baggage, or learn to succeed in spite of a physical challenge? What prompted you to finally make a change? How did you go about it? What steps did you take?


Rules? Actually there are a few, but you'll blow through them quickly. Please click on each box below and read them all the way through before submitting.

» PLEASE NOTE: While I welcome all submissions, it may not be possible for me to publish every article that is received. I read every submission and will notify you ONLY if I think your article is a good fit for the website and I’ve chosen to publish it.

» COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS: It is really, really important that all work and images you submit are your own. If you’re not sure if images you’ve included are copyright free, please do not submit them. Women Over Fifty Network will not be responsible for copyright violations. You, as the author, are responsible for any violations incurred for submitting copyrighted images or plagiarized information.

» RESTRICTED CONTENT: Any article who’s purpose is to promote political, commerical or religious beliefs or opinions will be immediately rejected.

» COMPENSATION: Women Over Fifty Network at the present time does not pay for published articles. I will, however, promote your article to my audience, and share it through all of my social media networks.

» PRESS RELEASES: No press releases will be accepted.

Women Over Fifty Network focuses exclusively on articles that are of interest to women over the age of fifty. Please write only for that audience. The general feel of our site is upbeat, inspirational, empowering and humorous.

We are a network of strong, intelligent, curious, hard-working, adventurous, fun-loving, free-spirited women who just happen to be over fifty. We’re not thrilled that we’re aging, but we’re also not mad at it. We want to pack as much as we can into this second half of our lives, and do it with gusto!

We are health-consious, but not so over the top that it interferes with us having a good time. We look back fondly on our life, but we don’t still live in it. We’re basically pretty bass-ass boomer bitches.

Below are some ideas for awesome stories you should write…

how you triumphed over tragedy

how you unconventionally accomplished something by “blazing a trail” (doing something outside the norm)

how you were able to accomplish a lifelong passion

how you found a solution to a problem common to women over fifty

a humorous narrative about any type of personal experience

We only accept original work – nothing that has been published anywhere else. You are responsible for any copyright violations that may arise from work you submit that is not your own.

To fit the feel of Women Over Fifty Network, your story should be written in an informal style from a personal point of view or experience as if you were telling it to a friend. Casual, real, and from the heart.

» Please keep articles between 500 to 1,000 words.

» Submit your article single-spaced (not double-spaced). Do not indent the beginning of new paragraphs. Separate each paragraph with an empty line.

» Spellcheck and proofread the final version before sending it.

» You may include images with your submission, but I reserve the right to choose whether or not to use any images you submit with your article. I typically will add relevent, copyright-free images to match the theme and feel of our website when editing your piece. Generally I only use submitted images if they are needed to support your article (such as a tutorial piece), or if you personally appear in the image. DO NOT SEND IMAGES THAT ARE NOT YOUR OWN.

» If you do submit images, please make sure they are in .jpg or .png format.

» Click the ‘I’m Ready. Let’s Do This!’ button at the bottom of this page. Write, or copy and paste your article into the body of the email that opens. No attachments will be accepted. Include your first and last name and email address.

» Once your piece is submitted, it becomes the property of Women Over Fifty Network.

» Women Over Fifty Network has the right to edit your submission for grammar, length, spelling, or in any other manner to make your article fit the style and feel of the website and appeal to my readers. Please know that if I do make edits, your article will be sent to you for final approval before publication.

» If your article is accepted, I will create an author’s profile for you that will be added to the end of your article. I will ask for your profile information when I notify you of your acceptance. I will also need a headshot for your profile. A cell phone “selfie” works fine as long as there is no distracting background and the image isn’t blurry or cropped too closely.

Okie dokie smokie. Have you read all the above guidelines? Have you proof-read your article?

Are you ready to submit your story and share it with all of us? Woo hoo. You rock!


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